Anxiety Recovery:

This package helps individuals recover from specific anxieties such as the fear of eating, driving, flying, public speaking, travelling and so much more.

Our packages are made bespoke to each individual and a typical example would consist of:

  • 2x sessions of EMDR to remove fears of the past and excitement for the future
  • 2x sessions of Hypnosis getting to the route of the issue and providing healing and providing a positive reframe
  • 2x sessions of coaching retraining the central nervous system to operate from “rest and digest” not “fight or flight”

In addition to each package you will also receive:

  • A bespoke meditation or hypnosis MP3 recording
  • Links to relevant talks, talks, videos, websites and apps to maximise your progress
  • Mid week check in’s
  • 24/7 Whatsapp support
Package   Cost
 Anxiety Recovery: £635