A whole new way of looking at mental health and wellbeing is emerging as developments in neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology have enabled huge strides forward in our understanding of what makes us happy.  Happiness has become an exciting new science and a skill you can learn.  The following tools, when practiced regularly, will literally re-wire your brain for lasting happiness.

Based on our best selling 6 week Happiness course, this package provides an opportunity for you to learn and try out simple, fun, evidence based tools to retrain your brain for mental health and happiness.  Topics include: Mindfulness; Connection; Gratitude and Positive Emotions; Play, fun and Creativity; Self compassion; Meaning; Goals and Resilience.Did you know happiness is a skill you can learn? Would you like to boost your happiness by 20%? This 6 week adventure explores the latest tools to retrain your brain for lasting happiness. Learn and practice a whole host of techniques that you can easily apply to your own life, and share with others. All from the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness.

Each week will include a taught topic, practice of related tools and techniques, discussion and a guided meditation or relaxation.


  1. Mindfulness (What is it? Benefits of practice, 3 key practices)
  2. Gratitude and Positive Emotions (Why happy people are grateful, how to create a gratitude practice, the importance of savouring positive emotions and how to do it)
  3. Play and fun (Rediscovering fun, play, creativity and curiosity)
  4. Compassion and connection (For your yourself, for others, for your community)
  5. Meaning and goals (How having meaning makes you happy, defining what gives you meaning, the importance of goal setting and knowing where you want to go)
  6. Resilience (How to bounce back from adversity, the development of post traumatic growth).

The average increase in happiness of previous participants after completing this course is a whopping 20%!! 100% would recommend the course.

Praise for The Happiness Package

This course changed my life. I now use the techniques daily and teach them to both my children and the young people I work with.” Claire, Dedham

I LOVED this course. I learnt so much and had fun.”
Heidi, Wivenhoe

This course was all very useful to me. An engaging way of learning how to visit paths I hadn’t realised really existed.
Chloe, Colchester

In addition to each package you will also receive:

  • A bespoke meditation or hypnosis MP3 recording
  • Links to relevant talks, talks, videos, websites and apps to maximise your progress
  • Mid week check in’s
  • 24/7 Whatsapp support
Package   Cost
Happiness £635