We offer the following Mindfulness courses.  Each course is designed to best meet your outcomes by allowing you to choose the specific course modules that will make up the training (details of which can be found below):

8-week course: This package includes a consultation, pre and post questionnaires and final impact report and one month follow up session. The course will be delivered  weekly 1-2 hours at the place of work)

Full Day Masterclass: as the 8 week course but delivered over a one day masterclass

Full Day Mindful Leadership: a training day for leaders to develop their self awareness and self mastery using mindfulness

Mindful Champions (For staff who have completed the Mindfulness 8 Week course. The course is designed to enable staff to embed mindfulness throughout the organisation and lead their own meditation sessions for staff.)

Optional units:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Self awareness and self mastery
  • A Mindful Workplace
  • Mindful Communication
  • Mindful Pain Management
  • Mindful Communication & Resilience
  • Mindfulness for Stress and Negative Emotions
  • Mindfulness Anxiety and Depression

We are happy to come and discuss your needs during a complimentary consultation, after which a proposal will be made regarding the most effective package that will achieve your objectives.  Please get in touch to book

Case Study

The North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group commissioned a number of mindfulness talks,  three 8 week courses and mindfulness champion training.  As a result, their mindfulness champions  now hold twice weekly mindfulness sessions for staff, they arrange annual retreat days, begin a number of meetings with a mindfulness practice and have identified measurable improvements in:

  • Concentration and ability to stay focused
  • How you feel about the CCG as an employer
  • Self-awareness
  • Relationships with colleagues
  • Personal relationships
  • Psychological resilience
  • Self-regulation